Just to kill time

He seems LOST...

Well... Tonight I'm supposed to end a sequence, but I need to create a smoke with particles (who said black smoke ?) As the smoke layer is slowing down After Effects too much, I have to render it in good quality. That's what is happening right now... So I decided to post some pictures but as I need to keep some secrets, I can only afford 2 more screenshots.

What was that promise that you made ?

New microphone arrived and it works perfectly !
I was waiting to record lines, (2 gnomes and سعيد جراح.) It's excellent. even if there are some little background house noises, it records a clear and clean voice. Very nice microphone.

There's this PS3 game where you can find a camera and take pictures that become jpegs on the PS3 hardrive. I plan on trying to take some pictures, maybe just walls, grounds, textures and machinimate a spoof of the game. But it's been a long time since I played it and I hope my game saves are still there.
Looks like the rendering is almost done, for 10 seconds of video it took 90 minutes to render.
Thanks for reading !