Je suis un Gnome Soldat !

Back again for some screenshots and news !
As I was waiting for guest sequences, Teh Baron came with an evil idea and I HAD to do it.
This is not the first time the guy gives me abnormal ideas that are so wicked that I instantly feel an urge to machinimate them..

Je suis discipliné !

This extra sequence is now done, well need some magic from Caruu still.
So yep still waiting for sequences from guests, but some sequences have a lot of special effects in them. Technology is not always friendly with people torturing computers with heavy renderings. But believe me, it badly worse the wait.

What would you be looking at ??

I just found that Facebook fan page is a cool feature, making me able to spam my fans with screenshots and shocking nonsenses at any time of the day !
Please join us brothers and sisters !