Eternity is really long, especially near the end

First, let's start by Universal Music Group. They wrote me a nice email to let me know that they were taking down Never Stay Tuned 2 on Youtube for copyrighted reasons... I love you too guys even if you're too stupid to notice that this kind of videos can only bring you more money.
4th of my works they decide to erase.

Do you think they would erase my videos for sex content ?? Nah...

I really hope my next post here will be Never Stay Tuned 4.
The end is near, I even started the ending credits. I got 2 more sequences to edit and it will be done

I know this club...

I'm in vacation those days and I thought I could use this time to finish the movie. But all I can do is play video games, waiting for sounds and guests sequences to move forward.
Having a lot of fun with inFamous though ^^.

Spirit of Ecstasy