Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.

You won't believe the kind of crap you can find in a blood elf's blood.

Random quotes websites are great to find a post title !
Never Stay Tuned 4 is going fine even if nights are not long enough to edit and sleep.
Getting a lot of ideas and help from friends and it really feels great.
My main fear is to forget someone in the end credits, so I try to note down everything.

This sequence is a total secret there's not a single chance you could guess who made it.

Sequences are a bit longer than in previous NST so now I got to work on shorter ones from now on to keep it dynamic. But as I started a 15sec parody tonight, it now last more than 30 seconds... And I'd better join the AEA "After Effects Anonymous" because even if I try hard, I can't go back to 100% Vegas and edit a sequence a night like before.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purley coincidental.

Not much to say that I did not say yet, this NST4 already took me more hours than the previous ones and I'm not done with it yet.

I can only show you the door

Oh, and be certain to watch HAPPY UP HERE, Baron Soosdon did a very addictive video with a very addictive music. Prepare yourself to feel happy and to smile for about an hour. Well, I've been stuck in a loop, watching this video again and again, so beware.

I hate drugs, gnomes and Royskopp... So I hate this pothead's paradise

The world's a bubble

There's a 15 minutes interview (in french) I did for a podcast called WowTaku
You can download the mp3 if you right clic > Here (interview starts around 79:00 if you don't need to practice your french too hard)
I was supposed to be in the special mages episode but my mic was down.
So the interview is in this week's episode, the special paladins ! And yep, that's the reason why this Olibith dressed as a paladin.

Be back here as soon as I have other news and some screenshots to show you ! And who knows ? Maybe screenshots from guests !!!