Terrorism pays off in the long term !

It worked !!!

There will be GNOMES PRIESTS in World of Warcraft next expansion Cataclysm !
After years and years of struggle, Gnomes can finally heal ! And that is a great great news, especially for Gnomes in a Gnomes only Guild !
I really feel sorry for the Horde that will now have to deal with Goblins... But this might be the end of the Gnome hate.
We still have to get our Gnomeregan city back to see the end of terrorists attacks though.

Talking about terrorism and Gnomes, "Le Terroriste" has been nominated for Best Machinima Award at the BitFilm Festival 2009. You'll have to register there in order to vote for your favorite machinima.

You may think this is shameless promotion, but I'm not asking you to vote for "Le Terroriste", I'm asking you to watch all of the 15 machinimas selected and then to let you heart choose the movie that, according to you, was made by me.


Never Stay Tuned 4 was a real success and I'd like to thank once more everyone who worked on this project. Around 400.000 views in 2 weeks and comments and ratings like never before.

Warcraft Movies and the OMG feeling !

Genna A Bain was interviewed by James Harding and Matt Rider of the WoW Wednesday Show on ESL TV. They asked many questions about voice acting in machinimas and also about NST4. They even showed some sequences of the machinima (NST4 and interview starts at 13:00)

A poll on my FaceBook page says that 75% of the people who answered would like my next machinima to be a French music video with the KFC Dwarf family. So be it.
Don't know yet when I'll start but it might be done much faster than NST4.