The Feathered Monster

This is where everything will take place...

Back to editing, recording voices !
An horror movie parody featuring the KFC dwarf and some fucking chickens.
If you're not connected to my FaceBook page (which you really should do as I'm more and more lazy about this blog and more and more active on useless status updates) the script is now written and the lines have been sent to the voice actors.
I never spent so much time writing a script and drawing the story board... This really is the hardest part for me, I really hope this time I'm on a solid ground with this story.
Caruu will write the score of the movie + the whole sound design !!!
This is the first time he'll be composing for a movie and I'm quite honored. From what I already heard, this is gonna be awesome !!

Here's a little wallpaper to celebrate the new banner of the blog, the coming of christmas and the joy of being a happy gnome.

Let me be your personal guru ! 1920x1200 - 391Ko

Hope to see you on FB and I'll be back here very soon with screenshots and more news about the project !

Oh and BTW, I'm unemployed since last month... Economical reasons they said.
So if you ever need a French machinimaker or know someone who might, that would be a pretty good news.