I'm a lucky bastard !

And what that mean is $2400 to buy an Alienware computer, and THAT means
longer, better, faster, stronger MACHINIMAS !!

The overall quality of WoW machinima is going sky high and I'm certain people at Blizzard are amazed, watching the 3 other winning videos and also many entries makes me think I was quite lucky with this contest. Everyone gave it his best, that was a freakin tough competition. And something tells me that things are gonna get worse for the next big contest.

Knowing that such a monster is gonna soon hide under my desk is really sweet and motivates me for my next movie. Caruu started working on a wicked score, voice actors did an outstanding job. The only reason why the project is paused is me. I got a ton of IRL work to do before summer (150 flash animated ecards and a T shirt collection ). So when comes the evening my head is quite full and so watching movies or playing video games definitely win versus after effects. But this new machine will certainely make after effects look more sexy than my laptop does.
So, more news soon !