Ahh steam and their special sales. They made me buy GTA IV for the second time but not to play the game on PC(I must have played for about 200 hour son PS3). There is a machinima tool in-game that allows you to capture games data and to edit them later with a scripted camera and several effects. Man if only every game on earth could have this amazing feature... Blizzard ! We need tools !!!
Even if GTA IV camera tool is a wonderful toy, there's no way to animate actors or even to choose them. So telling a story is quite difficult and I don't think I'll machinimate with GTA IV again. Or maybe just to have gnomes in New York.
I made this machinima in 15 hours, the same amount of time it takes sometimes to make 20 seconds with WoW.
Yep, we need tools.

Hope you'll like it !